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Monday, 30 September 2013

Little L

Lately I've been getting a little down about my work. Uncertainty, hyper-sensitivity to criticism and generally feeling uninspired. It's been an absolute massive year for me, becoming a full-time professional photographer was a major leap but fuck I am glad I did it. I love my life, my job - the juice was most definitely worth the squeeze. But as it nears the end of 2013 I realise how tired I am. This rollercoaster year has drained me and I can feel it physically and emotionally and most importantly I can see it in my work. However it's times like these that I need to remember a little lesson I live by - when something negative happens in your life, you just counteract that shit with something positive. So while i'm feeling a little heavy I want to show you some work that I am extremely proud of. 

I took these not all that long ago of new model Lisa. We wanted to go for a 90's supermodel look to show off Lisa'a absolutely killer bod. I LOVE this shoot. It's one of my favourite stories to date. It's a simple combination of a beautiful model with some beautiful light and it's shoots like these that make you realise you are in the exact right place, in the exact right time, just lost in photography. 

The lovely folk at Wattle Magazine were kind enough to publish this story - you can check out more images here

Make-up: Amber @ A-Symmetric Style Studio 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Into The Wild

Had such an awesome day shooting the 'Into The Wild' campaign for my favourite Gold Coast jewellery designer Hunter Gatherer. We had a rad team, stunning weather, a beautiful location and a model who can break hearts with just one look. These are the glory dayz baby. 

Model: Brodee Bowtell
Make-up: Tahnee Sommerfield
Hair: Nadia Aziz
Styling: Renee Harrison & Alia Vice

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Boots is pretty, but she doesn’t want to be. At home on her motorcycle, she rides through empty towns living on fast food and cigarettes. A soul destined to ride alone... 

Model: Mollie MiIles 
Hair, make-up & styling: Amber @ A-Symmetric Style Studio
Photographer: Studio Flamingo

A special thanks to Hayley from The Coin Laundry for lending out these awesomely boyish threads. 

Look 1 
DRESS Some Days Lovin

Look 2
SHIRT Mink Pink
SHORTS Mink Pink
BOOTS Doc Martin

SINGLET Wrangler
PANTS All About Eve
BOOTS Solsana

Look 4
SHIRT Staple the Label
PANTS One Teaspoon
BOOTS Solsana
HAT Sportsgirl

Look 5
BOW TIE Vintage

Look 6
PANTS Tu Yu Boutique
SHIRT Vintage
BOOTS Lipstick
BOW TIE Vintage

Look 7
SINGLET Sportsgirl
PANTS Tu Yu Boutiqe
BOOTS Lipstick

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reflections by Best Men Films

Not only did I get to shoot the campaign for the latest Sinead James collection but I got to do it alongside my partners in crime, Best Men Films. The boys and I have shot together a number of times now and it's just so rad. I LOVE it. We push each other creatively, there are no ego's bouncing around the room and we respect each others needs/space on the day. They are both so talented and I am in awe of everything they do. So check out this sick vid and share it around - these boys are going to be SUPER MASSIVE!

Film by Geordie and Daniel @ Best Men Films 

Sunday, 1 September 2013


OMFG I totes haven't posted in like a month! Sorry about that peeps, I have been drowning in work but that means new content to throw your way so stay tuned in the coming weeks. 

I am so happy to publish my latest campaign for Sinead James called 'Reflections'. We had such a rad day and everyone involved came together to really create something special. 

I have gotta say, i'm really proud of my work here and totally love the finished product. Sinead's latest collection really is on another level and I can't wait to be knocking about in all these pieces now that Winter has finally hightailed it outta here. 

Shop the collection here

Stylist: Ashleigh Kelly
Make-up: Amber @ A-Symmetric Style Studio
Talent: Karri @ Division

and check out some sneaky bts here